VMPA Senior Thesis

Alexandria Gasparinatos



Alexandria Gasparinatos found her passion for art from a very young age. After exploring different forms of art, she finds that her artistic strength lies in drawing, painting, and sculpting. Alexandria enjoys working with a variety of art materials. Alexandria is skilled and experienced with acrylic paint, oil paint, ceramics, clay, wood, and photography. Alexandria’s inspiration is driven from her thoughts and feelings. Expressing herself through her emotions inspires her to create. Additionally, Alexandria’s artistic style comes from her interest in dark aesthetics. While taking art courses at Rutgers University-Camden, Alexandria was able to work with many different art materials, giving her the chance to grow as an artist.

Artist Statement

I express my thoughts and feelings through creating art. I feel that creating a piece that reflects my mind holds more weight than my words. Overall, the art that I create is a reflection of my mind, thoughts, and feelings. I create and share my art to allow the viewer to take a step inside of my mind. So I ask, can you sense how I’m feeling without me telling you?