VMPA Senior Thesis

Ania Valle



Ania Valle’s primary focus is creating sculpture artworks where she experiments with materials such as wood, wire, thread, and more. While creating her thesis sculptures, she prioritized color and seeing how her artworks could embody a sense of vibrancy and playfulness for her audience. As a Rutgers University-Camden student, she has also enjoyed learning about other art mediums while taking graduate education courses. Ania has always had a passion for becoming a high school art teacher. She hopes to use her knowledge to teach her future students effectively and allow them to get creative through experimentation.


As a sculpture artist, I am driven by a deep passion for experimenting with different materials, forms, and, most importantly, color. I strive to bring out the unique character of each material and create artworks that embody a sense of vibrancy, playfulness, harmony, and perspective. Color has always been one of the main focuses when creating my sculpture artworks. I have used a large variety of colors that captures the essence of playfulness, energy, and spontaneity. This has been done through experimentation, where I would see how the colors work together through the help of color theory and its terms, such as the intensity of a color. My sculpture artworks aim to have the audience appreciate the beauty of color and how the sculptures interact with the world around them.