VMPA Senior Thesis

Anthony Davis Jr.


Anthony Davis is a 2021 graduate of Rutgers University in Camden New Jersey, majoring in animation. Anthony has been pursuing the life of a freelance illustrator since 2018. Anthony specializes in digital illustration, 3D animation, and character design, but has a broad range of skills in his arsenal. For all of high-school Anthony was in the National Society of High School Scholars, an esteemed community made up of high school’s brightest. It took hard work and consistent high marks to be a member, but the teamwork and leadership skills are still with him to this day.

His history with animation stems back to a life surrounded by various forms of the media. As a kid he spent a lot of time doing stop motion shorts with Transformer figures. A few hours at a time but he would be steadfast in his work attempting to recreate the coolest fighting scenes from various shows and media. There’s something truly amazing about the fact that after all these years he is still doing frame by frame animation, but this time with traditional and 3D art as his focus.

Anthony likes to pursue calisthenics, and boxing in his free time. He is devoted to taking his skills to the next level, and will continue to develop them as he works towards his goal of having a successful career in art.


The work that I like to make focuses on fighting, the intricacies and dynamics of the topic. I have come to realize that fighting on a surface level is a way to reel in the audience in a relatively simple method that has a lot of depth under the surface. I mean who doesn’t like seeing dynamic action, flashy colors, and an easy to understand concept; opposition. While easy to understand, opposition in itself opens the doors to so many possibilities that can be explored through storytelling. For example like the beginnings to a deeper, rich story. We see this a lot in video game trailers because it works to breathe life into the characters that, in the game, can only do so much. There are a myriad of possibilities that can be explored in any developing fight scene and I like to see some come to life in my work.

Fighting is the upper echelon of relationships between characters. The variety that can be achieved through action scenes, and conflicts are unlimited. A bit of humor, some tension, shock factor; then concepts beyond the scope of the genre like special fx, and mixed media can really make a fight scene not only pop but linger in the viewers mind. This is the result that I would like to chase with my work as I keep developing my skills.