VMPA Senior Thesis

Avery Ortega
Graphic Design


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At a young age, I had a fascination for art and loved seeing others be able to create something beautiful, ever since then I’ve always wanted to create. In middle school, I took every opportunity to draw and paint even if that meant getting behind on work. My books, even today, were filled with doodles and drawings. Some of my books were more drawings than notes. I went to the art club at my school to draw, even more, I would constantly be painting or drawing in this club. In High School, I wanted to create more than just pen and paper drawings. I took a bunch of other classes that allowed me to create. I took music classes, video editing classes, even AutoCAD engineering classes. All of these lead up to my first graphic design class. This class sparked something in me that no other form of art did, I felt so in control and motivated. The problem-solving in design made me think all the time, I could not even go to other classes without trying to think of solutions. Since then I’ve worked extremely hard in college to pursue a dream of being a graphic designer, but more specifically a creator. 


Avery’s Project focuses on enhanced reality and how the senses, besides visual, help connect to a design. Design focuses so much on the visual but there is so much more to play with. Avery’s project is an app, this app adjusts to the weather and plays music accordingly. People love to listen to music to fit a mood; this app is an extension of that. Using the visual of the weather combined with the sound of the music, the app creates an experience that the user is now involved in.