VMPA Senior Thesis

Christina Lee
Graphic Design


Christina Lee is a graphic design student at Rutgers-Camden who is developing her skills in creative problem solving, consistent inspiration and pushing the boundaries in design. She admired art as a child and has always wanted it to be a part of her life, no matter where it took her. In her journey as an artist, she has been motivated by her grandmother, her professors, and women artists such as Nicola Tyson and Dana Schutz. As her life as a student, she tries to use her skills outside the classroom and provide for her community whether it is providing designs for campus organizations or supporting her schools fine arts program. When presenting her creations, her optimistic and enthusiastic personality gives life to her work and delights those around her. Christina strives to improve her skills with every piece she creates, leaning from past experiences as she progresses. 


Christina is motivated to make the best work she can produce and is driven by the process of creating and the learning experience that comes with each project. She uses her identity as a woman as motivation to create works and to learn through the women artists before her. She uses her interests in bright colors, feminist art, painting, and interactive designs to build upon her work and current trends in graphic design. In her designs her personality shows through vivid colors and fluid designs that create works that she hopes gives viewers enjoyment and amusement. Through her capstone she explores her interests and the ideals of performance art to better understand conceptualizing ideas and the future of art that is demanded to be seen in person.