VMPA Senior Thesis

Dylan Ramirez-Parmentier


Impermanence is my senior capstone project for my undergrad photography minor. I drew inspiration from the many different places I’ve lived in. I’ve probably had five or six different addresses in the past 10 years. Whether it was due to leases being lapsed, job changes, familial obligations, financial reasons, or just personal life choices, I’ve never really had a place to call “home” for too long. By the time I get comfortable, things happen and I end up moving to a new place, almost like dating a new partner right after a breakup. Graffiti and sticker bombing are a big threadline in my work. I’ve lived in urban settings most of my life, surrounded by tags and slap canvases. Moving to a new house or apartment felt just like adding a new tag or sticker to a wall of graffiti. There’s an impermanence to where I live, and at any moment it’ll be replaced by somewhere new to call “home”.