VMPA Senior Thesis

Ezekiel Montero



As an artist and storyteller, I feel like one of my goals is to make you remember something to carry on once you look at my art while at the same time not oversaturating the art. To resolve this issue, my idea has usually been making something that can be both simple and bold. When people think bold, they opt to go to appearance- but there are two adjective definitions to the word. One is a vivid and or strong appearance, which people are familiar with. The other is what I prefer to use in my art and stories, something that takes risks; something that is courageous and confident.

Aside from the theme of bold, another theme I like to follow in my art is deceiving appearances and effects of poverty. In my thesis short, a boy named Volk is hungry and takes the opportunity to venture for food once his siblings are asleep. As we see him walk into a town, there is a wanted poster showing his face. He is a thief, and he steals to feed himself and his family. The story has this already established but shows the repercussions of his actions and what he is willing to do because of this poverty stricken world he lives in. It’s to emphasize that the surrounding environment effects the people heavily, and to show the deception of what is truly good or bad, the example being stealing from a shop owner or depriving starving children of food.