VMPA Senior Thesis

Ian Davison
Intermedia and Electronic Arts


I am a graduate of Rutgers University Camden in Intermedia and Electronic Arts, but I’ve never taken a straight path through my education.  I originally trained in Pre-nursing at Camden County College. Through this experience I discovered that I need a more creatively fulfilling area of study. Shortly after graduating Camden County College, I joined Hopeworks, a non-profit organization in Camden, and learned about the art major at Rutgers Camden. I found the Intermedia and Electronic Arts concentration instantly appealing because it allows for project based work that crosses multiple artistic mediums while allowing for personal self-expression. 


With this work I want to depict my feelings, and perhaps the feelings of others as well, as we approach the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic plaguing our world. Life has been altered in drastic ways for everybody, and many of us are still trying to make sense of how life has changed. How do you reconcile the world around you with the world inside you? It’s a powerful tug of war between the forces of fear and hope.

This body of work comprises multiple figures made out of ceramics. Three of the figures are people, and one is an angel. The people are doing ordinary activities around the house. The first statue is a man standing at the sink washing dishes. You can tell by his blank facial expression that he is in a deep state of daydreaming; and his posture would suggest that he is extremely exhausted. The second statue is of a man sitting in an armchair. The man sits fairly relaxed in the chair, with both of his arms resting on the arms of the chair, and there is a remote in his right hand. The man shows little emotion, but he seems like he might be a bit angry. The third statue is a man lying in a bed, he sits slightly propped up by a giant pillow. In his right hand he is holding a bottle of something, and there is a slight grin on his face. All works depict people who would rather be somewhere else than where they are. The backgrounds of the photographs represent fun and wonderful places that the figures are dreaming to be. These works depict my experience during the pandemic lockdown, and the backgrounds are places that I myself would like to be.