VMPA Senior Thesis

Jawon Daniels

Intermedia and Electronic Arts


As an intermedia and electronic arts major, and a self taught musician/sound designer, most of if not all of my work requires technology as a key tool in the creative process. However the goal of my work is to analyze, critique and explore the ways in which technology affects our most basic human functions, and how they have become altered to something that is not so humanistic. The work of my thesis show explores the ideas of conversation, and its value…has it lost value? Or do we value certain forms of communicating more than others? It explores industrialization, and the potential outcomes our world may encounter if changes are not made to current practices. The goal of my work is not to provide answers to the problems I present, in fact there may be no problem at all sometimes; the goal is to allow the viewer/listener to stop and analyze their own relationship with technology and the themes that I cover, through a sonic and visual experience.