VMPA Senior Thesis

Jeremy da Silva 




When I was young, I never really thought I would be an artist in any capacity. I always felt like I had trouble expressing myself. I always had trouble writing and to me that was my only way of doing it. At this point I have no clue what inspired me to start trying to draw but when I first tried making art, I never felt like I could express myself more. When I had to pick a college to go to, I was always worried I would make the wrong decision. Now that my time at Rutgers is almost over, I really think I made the right one. My art has improved so much and my ability to express myself is better than ever. Seeing other people’s art has also been super impactful to me. Seeing how people tackle different artistic challenges is so inspiring to me and I hope that this can be the case for the rest of my life. 


When I make art, I try to pick one theme or emotion and try to push it to its limits. Sometimes more ideas are added but sometimes one is enough. For my thesis “The Song of the Universe” the main idea was obsession. The main character Mistra hears music all the time and wants to find where its coming from. As she builds machines this want slowly becomes a need. She MUST find the source of this music. Even when she goes too far and everything in her lab is destroyed the music still tempts her and she can’t let it go. For my work “Hubris” I tried to make a work that at first glance misleads you about the characters. In the work Silk is dissecting Icarus. Icarus is portrayed as a hero who lost his mission and Silk as a monster who is desecrating his body. Silk clearly seems like a villain but what if she isn’t? The work takes place in her web so could she have been minding her own business and Icarus attacked her? I wanted this work to have many interpretations based on different elements from it. What I really like about art is that there can be much more beyond what is on the surface.