VMPA Senior Thesis


Jewelia Stojansul

Intermediate and Electronic Art


Jewelia Stojansul has been interested in art almost immediately. Her father was a drummer, and her mother was an artist so being creative was always encouraged. Jewelia states that she is able to create something in any form of art but has always found herself more interested in painting and photography. Jewelia draws inspiration from the world around her; her family, her friends, nature, etc. Letting your mind wander in the world around you will bring forth an intense amount of creativity that you have to channel into something incredible. Currently, Jewelia is finishing her final year at Rutgers Camden and achieving her bachelor’s degree. She walks away with a degree in Intermediate and Electronic Art and a minor in psychology and art history. While at Rutgers, Jewelia has achieved being on Deans list for the past 5 semesters, this current semester being her 6th. She has had the honor of being involved in a few galleries, and even a photography book with some fellow classmates. In the future, Jewelia would like to return to school to achieve her Master’s degree in art therapy. She would then use this to put some good back into the world and help others around her.

Artist Statement

Hello everyone, my name is Jewelia Stojansul (24) and I am a senior completing my final semester at Rutgers Camden. I am an Intermediate and Electronic art major, minoring in both psychology and art history. For my capstone project, I wanted to combine my studies, art, and psychology, into one cohesive project which is why I came up with my project entitled, Interpretation. Interpretation is a mixed media project consisting of 2D art drawings and inkblots along with statistical data included in spreadsheets, pie charts, and Google Docs. Interpretation consists of 20 inkblot designs, traces of the inkblot designs, sketches of the most common thing everyone saw within the inkblots, 20 pie charts that reveal the results of the most compliant answer, and statistical data results from the survey. Once I created the inkblot designs, I surveyed 100 people and asked them what they saw for each design. I recorded this information in spreadsheets and went through this information to get results. I made pie charts to demonstrate what participants saw in each inkblot design, and sketches based on the most compliant answer for each inkblot design. (For example, in Inkblot 1, 34% of people surveyed saw a bunny, so that is what I drew.) I really wanted to create a love letter to everything I have worked on since I have been here at Rutgers Camden. The purpose of Interpretation is to give people a chance to make art on their own. Art is all about interpretation, it is important to give viewers the chance to interpret what they are seeing and make something out of nothing; thus creating art themselves. I really hope everyone enjoys this project, this love letter to my college career. So now I ask, what do you see?