VMPA Senior Thesis

Jimmy Le
Graphic Design

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Born in Camden, New Jersey, Jimmy Le is receiving a BA in Graphic Design from Rutgers University. As a graphic designer, he’s created a range of works involving both print and digital media. Le’s designs center around experimental and contemporary concepts that are aimed towards creating memorable experiences with the audience. If you are interested in working with Le, you can send an email to jle.d.sign@gmail.com.


Design has been a developing entity that has surrounded me throughout my life. I realized in my teenage years that the world is enveloped with layers upon layers of graphic design. Every business, every brand, every package requires some form of communication to identify and distinguish what product we are buying. My research on the process and principles of conceptual art has given me new perspectives on how to approach or conceptualize a project. The creative process pushes me to prioritize the impact and lasting effect design creates on its consumers; for me, this is the most important part of being a graphic designer. Utilizing my ability to research and conceptualize is vital when confronting a design problem.