VMPA Senior Thesis

Joshua Williams
Intermedia and Electronic Arts


I am a writer, songwriter, animator and producer. I am a solo artist, and also part of Elevated, a boy band that I named. The name’s meaning is echoed to the theme of several of the songs that I write. Here the term elevated represents the unheard becoming the seen and heard. Whether it be young men struggling to be seen as more than a friend as in our song, “Just Friends,” or being stuck in a situationship depicted in “Unusual.” We like to think of our band as underdogs who constantly rise to the occasion. Being of different nationalities, and backgrounds, it gives ourselves, or fans and our listeners something to aspire to.


“Unusual” is a song and music video that I am creating for my Capstone project in the Intermedia and Electronic Arts concentration at Rutgers University Camden. I wrote, composed, sang and produced the song “Unusual” with my band Elevated. The video depicts my animated self in rotation with various backgrounds. The song is in a pop/Rnb kind of genre. The video engages the many phases and levels of relationships. Some of these phases can be romantic, toxic or platonic. There are times that can make or break the connection between people. Usually these moments are pretty straight forward. However, what happens when two people are stuck in the cracks in between? It can be chaotic, stressful, and strange and yes…. it can be Unusual.