VMPA Senior Thesis

Junha Kim


Animation has had a huge impact on my life. When I was a child, I was very sad and alone. My parents weren’t home for most of the time because of work, my sister was off doing her own thing, and I had only one friend in the entire neighborhood. The only things I had to keep myself occupied were animated television shows and video games. Animated shows and video games made me happy and distracted me away from the harsh realities in life. Because of them, I began to draw, take classes, and tried out different programs and methods to animate without really realizing that I was animating at a young age. It made the pain of loneliness and sadness go away for I was enjoying animation. Now, soon to be graduating college at Rutgers University, located in Camden, New Jersey, with a major in animation, I hope to create animations for those like myself to help them with their early lives. If animations have helped me, then there is a chance I can help someone else with my animations as well.

            My short film is about a young knight trying to fulfil their duties of moving supplies. In this short film of mine, I explore that of productivity as well as progression and regression. I had a problem with productivity for a very long time. That is why I decided to base my short film around this. My main character, whose name is Aim, is to be a very dedicated knight. I named them Aim for it was to show that they would try to aim higher and higher, trying their best to achieve their goals and dreams. But then, after much progression, they then get distracted by something and wander off away from their task. This film is to show that a person should not stray away from what is important and to stay on track. I wanted to show that we can go off and not complete our work very easily and that by doing so, we are losing time, motivation, and it even stops our learning.