VMPA Senior Thesis

Karina Rubio
Graphic Design


Karina Rubio was born in Manhattan, New York but later on her family moved to New Jersey. From an early age she has alway been interested in the arts either drawing or painting. Karina went to Camden Catholic highschool in New Jersey. She attended Camden county college where she got an associate degree in Graphic design. Karina is a graphic designer student at Rutgers Camden University.   Karina is a passionate person that is influenced by expressive designs, color, and art. She hopes to accomplish works that convey a message that relates to the community using aesthetic art that informs or captivates others. She explores different aspects of design and alway eager to learn more.


Karina focuses on color, symbolism and creating visual content that communicates the message. She wants to create works that convey the message of awareness of mental and physical health. For the capstone project, she explores the mental state that alcohol has on women. It helps create awareness through aesthetically pleasing designs that attract the attention of the audience. Creating a public awareness of the health issues women are facing this year. The project explains that people need to know their limits when it comes to drink. Using wine as a focal point to show that the different levels of alcohol can affect them.