VMPA Senior Thesis

Kevin Ross Jr.


College senior Kevin Ross Jr. majored in animation at Rutgers University Camden. He was previously enrolled in Eastern Regional High School in New Jersey and graduated in 2017. Originally Kevin was going to Rutgers to major in Science, more specifically Astronomy. However, after taking Computer Animation and a few other art related classes he realized he enjoyed them to a great extent. He finally made the choice to become an animation major in his sophomore year. 

During his high school years he participated in various after school activities, with most of his time being dedicated to Stage Crew. He was a member of the stage crew for 3 consecutive years and helped build every set for his school’s plays. During his years in high school his hard work was noticed by the National Society of High School Scholars and he was given acolytes to symbolize this recognition. He is also currently a member of his Church’s College Bound Program and visits them to tell future high school graduates about his experiences as a college student. 

Kevin’s goals and dreams are to become a freelance artist and be able to work on his own time and terms. At some point he also wishes to become a professional animator in a studio or create his own personal animations.


Art is an expression of the imagination. It is a way for one to give their thoughts a physical form before their eyes. This is always a pillar of mine when I draw. I am constantly imagining new ideas and creating random scenarios. Most of the time I’ll sketch it out before it becomes a forgotten memory. After the sketch, if I become very fond if it, I will convert it to digital art and see if I can improve on it

There is also a sense of comedy to my art and animations. I have always wanted to make others happy and feel joy, and desired to convey that in what I draw. My main focus is to include a sort of comedic twist in my art to add to the subversion. I understand that comedy is subjective and that not everyone finds the same thing humorous. However, I still want to at least entertain as many people as I can and bring laughter to them. 

Some of my art is inspired by many of my interests, mostly from video games. Characters and scenes that I create are mainly inspired by most of my favorite shows or games. They range from clothing, settings, style, etc. I thoroughly enjoy the whole process as it feels like I am thanking them for giving me new ideas to work with.