VMPA Senior Thesis

Madyson Wehlen



Mady is a Queer Freelance photographer from South Jersey. They graduated from Rutgers-Camden with a degree in the arts with a concentration in Photography. Mady began photographing in high school and pursued their interest to achieve their dream Job. From Landscapes to Portraits, they capture the perfect moments in life. Mady’s art is to capture that special moment in time but with a slight twist. Each photo has a meaning, whether it is from traveling or from connecting the model and the location to create the perfect feeling of unity, Mady achieves that.


In my thesis show, I wanted to connect a few elements. I wanted to connect the sense of place as well as a connection between the place and models to create an energy or vibe that fits the individual. Lastly, I wanted to show the relationship between film black and white photography and edited digital photography as well as the process for each and the quality of the photos.

 By using five models and locations, you can see the different connections in each photo. While half the photos are in black and white 120 film and 35 film, there is a contrast to the five digital photos that were shot on my Nikon d7100 digital camera. Overall, the project has one main connection being the couch that the models are all sat upon, but as well as connections throughout the works to show the other elements discussed above. There were no certain artists that I took inspiration from. But It started with self-portraits as well as other photos I took in film photography. While creating that project, I enjoyed using the couch in interesting ways and saw the different energy or vibes that each person created. This shoot is an expansion of that with more detail and connections created with the models. 

Overall, I was able to create unique and individual photos that matched all of my models that are important to me. By researching each location and finding the perfect spot that matched the model to driving the couch to each location and taking the photos, there was a creation of the couch series. By tying film and digital together, there is a balance between black and white photos to the high saturation photos that all match the energy and vibe I saw.