VMPA Senior Thesis

Mae Waits 


Hi, I’m Mae! I’m a 22-year-old who graduated this year with a BA from the University of Rutgers Camden. I could have gone for a BFA, but I am well and truly burnt out and don’t think I could cut it another full year to take the required courses to get that. I’ve been all over the place, from the UK to Washington State, but Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is always the place I’ll consider being “from.” I’m the oldest of my siblings and all my cousins too, so I’ll be the first person out of all my cousins to graduate college, yippie for me! I do 2D and 3D animation though my preference is 3D. I’m also an amateur voice actor and a hobby audio and video editor. I realized I wanted to get into art and animation halfway through high school when I realized I couldn’t hack it as a programmer. I still want to work on video games though. I’m fiercely independent and idealistically deciding that I don’t want to do time in the meat grinder and I’m only going to work on independent games. We’ll see how long that commitment lasts. My hobbies also include playing copious amounts of video games and Transformers trivia.


 I do the odd occasional work outside of my focus like painting or sculpture, but my main focus is usually on character design and concept art, along with 2D illustrations and 3D animation and rendering. I prefer these sorts of works because I enjoy making characters that are interesting to people and intriguing from a character design perspective. I animate because I like making these characters feel alive and real in a sense. I’m very inspired by cartoons new and old and want to make more mature animated or cartoonish content that does not fall into the “adult animated comedy” category. I do all my 3D work in Blender, sometimes mixing in 2D elements using their grease pencil tool which I find very intriguing. I bounce around drawing programs, recently I’ve mostly been sticking to Krita, but I’ve worked in Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Fire Alpaca, and by hand. I do 2D work with the help of my Wacom Cintiq tablet. If I’m painting anything I prefer to use acrylic over oil paint as they’re easier to work with. I usually prefer working digitally over physically but I do keep a couple of sketchbooks for working out rough character concepts and design elements.