VMPA Senior Thesis

Nadir Diggs
Graphic Design


Nadir Diggs is a motivated and hard-working graphic design student at Rutgers University-Camden. He started out his career in design by making two games with other intellectual game developers at Camden County College-Blackwood, Nj. Successfully developing two platformers for adolescents: Clean Up On The Icarus and Cover Up The Icarus. After graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Game Design and Development, he sought after a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, focusing on Graphic Design. He is currently working at being the best designer possible with his theory of design and overall work focusing on trying to see from a target audience’s perspective to truly understand a goal. He was inspired to focus his career on art because of his parents. His father gave him a very memorable quote to live by, “Everything is opportunity, with opportunity comes purpose and challenge.” This quote helps Nadir Diggs focus on what is most important to being a good person while achieving a goal. He always asks his self what is the point in creating something if it isn’t for a good cause? He is always eager to learn, even from his peers, as he goes forward in his career of graphic design. Nadir Diggs strives to improve his skills and knowledge of how he makes art.


After being inspired by his parents to create useful content for viewers, he believes in producting art with a purpose. To help others and inspire those that wish to assist others in need. Nadir Diggs loves print making and design as it provides a good feeling of what it means to make good, quality work for the public. He is very versatile working in many different programs from Adobe to Maya, from Game Maker Studio to the Unity Engine. He works in many different mediums to provide the viewer with a pleasurable experience. He uses his identity as an African American male of trying to make a difference with more tha just his voice, but with the skills given and obtained since he was young. Spreaing the use of art and his ethnicity to make content that inspires a difference. Following current trends, and social norms, he always researches thoroughly the content needed to make sure the audience is pleased with the knowledge behind the design. He believes art is more than just elements on paper, but therapy for the mind and body. Inspiring people to work in the art field as well. Nadir Diggs is an inspiring and deep individual that believes art and design is a gateway not only to success but to be a better person.