VMPA Senior Thesis

Quynh Mai
Graphic Design


Quynh Mai is a 2021 graduate of Rutgers University, located in Camden, New Jersey majoring in Graphic Design. Born and raised in Vietnam, she began her journey in the US at the age of 15. Like other international students, she initially chose to major in Accounting to study. However, after taking photography class, she felt joy in art and made the big decision for herself to change major. During Quynh’s time at Rutgers University, she learned many new skills that could help her develop herself and come closer to her future goals. Besides studying, she also interns at GDLOFT and Rutgers VMPA. Design is her work, joy and a goal to strive everyday.


Graphic design to Quynh Mai is a method of conveying messages to viewers in an easy to understand and impressive way. She likes minimalism style and the way it attracts viewers with its simplicity. However, she does not let herself remain in one design style, she always tries a lot of different design styles to be suitable for many different types of customers. Design to her is skill not just talent. A famous painting can bring countless thoughts in the minds of viewers. And these thoughts may not even be controlled by the artist who made the work. But with graphic design, the work needs to convey the correct message to the viewer and leave an impression in its own way.