VMPA Senior Thesis

Reanna Torres




Reanna Torres is a concept artist/ illustrator/ animator who resides in Pennsauken, New Jersey. She has always been fascinated with art, especially animation. She is inspired by a range of multimedia art styles that she has grown with throughout her years. Some examples include Chowder, Monster High, Bratz, generalized anime, Vocaloid, and fantasy mediums. 

She specializes in concept art and illustration loving the sketch and brainstorming of it all. Her art style is full of fairytale whimsy and glitter. ✨Her focus is on the pretty side of life and puts a flowery touch on what she creates, with a childlike imagination. 

She hopes to create an animation studio with her friends to work on their own independent projects outside the corporate industry. They wish to create imaginative works that can inspire those around them with eclectic whimsy.