VMPA Senior Thesis

Richard Thach
Graphic Design


Richard Thach is a Cambodian-American photographer, a graphic designer based in Southern New Jersey. Outside design, Richard is passionate about breakdancing. His love for motion is based on dance and desires to create the same element within his photography and graphic design work. One accomplishment that Richard is proud of was the opportunity to serve as media photographer for the Redbull BC One USA Tour Philadelphia Cypher in 2019. Richard currently does design and photography freelance work for various events.


As a designer, I am interested in combining the concept of motion within dance and graphic design. Growing up as a breakdancer has helped me see motion in everything. I’m interested in exploring and visualizing this concept as a process of making work. I’ve experimented with the documentation of motion through photography as well as how specific choreography and movements can be translated into graphic layouts and structures.