VMPA Senior Thesis

Tracy Tse

Studio Art and Expanded Media 



Tracy Tse is majoring in Rutgers University BFA program in Studio Art and Expanded Media. Her works are shown in galleries including Marlin Art Gallery, Stedman Gallery, and The Campus Gallery. Tse’s current body of works uses plarn (yarn made from plastic) and labor-intensive processes to produce large-scale sculptures. Years of experience being a seamstress, her works are inspired by traditional art forms that allow her to articulate ideas about culture, gender, and the notion of identity. 

Tracy Tse lives and works in South Jersey.


I like this little life of mine. It’s not something amazing, and it’s not a tragedy. However, every day doing art is enough in my world.

I’m a first generation Chinese American who grew up in a family tailoring business. Like many family-run businesses, I started helping out at a young age where I picked up skills in mending and tailoring. Over the years, I’ve expanded my career as a  contemporary artist, where I used my skills interconnectively to express myself. 

In my current work, I have been incorporating plarn (yarn made from plastic) to construct large-scale sculptures that protrude from the wall. Each piece is completed through labor-intensive repetition of sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, braiding, and knotting techniques to sculpt. The use of a variety of techniques is then adopted to shape and sculpt a specific structure that reflects femininity and the body.

Manufactured goods go through many hands and iterations before becoming the final product. Every hand played a role by putting blood, sweat, and tears into the production. Honoring and paying homage to the human touch and the sentiments that are overlooked during the production process is important. My painting depicts silhouettes of laborers and craftsmen. Convey the message of what human touch means.