VMPA Senior Thesis

Tracy Tse

Intermedia and Electronic Arts


Tracy Tse is majoring in Intermedia and Electronic Arts with a minor in Art History and Digital Studies. Growing up in a tailor shop, Tracy began experimenting with art and textile at a young age. Her works explore the combination of traditional craftworking, such as sewing, with modern and electronic art. As an artist she is constantly expanding her vision by drawing inspiration from art history, current cultural & pop trends, and her own personal experiences within her works. The combination of new technologies, tradition, and personal experiences of the artist also establish an interesting commentary on the craftworking. Her works are inspiring, thought-provoking and a testament to her passion for fashion and art.


I’m an intermediate artist and seamstress, who works on the crossroads of textile and new technologies. As a versatile multimedia artist, I explore the boundaries of electronic art, challenging traditional art forms while creating new creative outlets. Working across multiple mediums, my artworks are created by combining digital technologies with traditional art processes to create new experiences and communication methods. I strive to show that art and technology go hand in hand to create new possibilities and can be used to create accessible and eclectic works that can be interpreted in different ways. Through my practice, I hope to foster a sense of interconnectivity and collaboration between the physical and digital worlds.