VMPA Senior Thesis

Vanessa Feliciano
Graphic Design

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Vanessa Feliciano is a graphic designer and storyteller from South Jersey who works within the Greater Philadelphia area. With her first love being writing, she is always thinking of new and unique ways to tell stories, whether that is through her art or design. Even though she is comfortable working solo, Vanessa enjoys collaborating with others, as she feels some of the best ideas come through this process. Vanessa was the recipient of the Allied Resources for Kids scholarship in 2016, for her essay about her experiences with feminism and how it has shaped her beliefs. She also prides herself as having worked on the website and social media management of the Visual Media and Performing Arts Print Lab at Rutgers University. Outside of design, Vanessa loves playing video games, watching binge-able TV shows, and creating art through illustration, photography, or writing.


As a designer, I am interested in combining narrative and graphic design. During my time as a student, I applied different narrative structures, such as linear and non-linear narrative, to create works that would interact with the audience. Using different techniques of narrative and narrative structure allows print or screen-based designs to become dynamic. I am interested in how messaging delivery can change and affect the audience through these approaches.